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My very first blog post + a healthy breakfast bowl

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My very first blog post + a healthy breakfast bowl

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200g yoghurt I love coconut (plantbased) yoghurt, but It's quite expensive, otherwise just use good quality thick greek style yoghurt;
strawberry sauce
60g + extra to serve strawberries (fresh or frozen, thawed)
1 Tbsp agave syrup or honey, maple syrup ...
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
stovetop granola
1 Tbsp rolled oats
3 Tbsp mixed nuts, chopped any nut and seed will be amazing in this bowl
1 tsp coconut oil can sub olive oil, canola oil ..
1 tsp agave syrup or honey, maple syrup ..
to serve
1/4 apple
2 Tbsp pomegranate seeds
3 blackberries (fresh or frozen, thawed) only use if you have 'em on hand, otherwise sub dried goji berries, mulberries, banana, or really anything you find in your fridge or pantry;
to taste agave syrup or honey, maple syrup ...

Simple every day breakfast bowl; Yoghurt, strawberry sauce & stovetop "granola"


Holy, can you believe it ? My very first blog post in such a long time; it’s been what? A year??
No, more like 5 months or so, but it’s feels ages ago.

It kind of feels like my first day of highschool all over again,
with the major difference that this is an actual choice, and it feels good.

Why did I start about highschool?? Seriously.
I honestly can’t even think of more than 5 truly fun moments in highschool.
When I think back of all the awkward and uncomfortable moments, I just cringe.

Probably it wasn’t all that bad, and I might be making a bigger deal out of it now,
but I do think that a lot of my anxiety comes from highschool traumas, such as
fucking teenagers aka psychopaths, teachers that somehow always saw me as the perfect
target, although I honestly was a very sweet kid. Okay so I didn’t always knew when to
shut up, sure, but I was always friendly and polite, and that must count for something right??

Okay, so this is just a preview of my build up highschool trauma anger, and don’t fool yourself.
You might think that we got this over with, but believe me when I say that I’ll ramble a lot more
about this. I mean, this is a personal blog, so the point is that I somehow write down things
that are “preventing” me from “living”. -> you get the point, right ??

The good new – yes there is some good news as well!! – is that good things are taking over
more and more, and I have some very very very exciting news to share with you soon.
I mean, not sure who I’m talking to, but I’m totally fine just talking to myself (haha).

I’m not writing a cookbook, so there’s that, and I will not share it .. yet..
I want to share this pretty amazing new when time is right, and I want to do it
while sharing a delicious and fabulous recipe at the same time.
Cause good news isn’t good news if you’re not celebrating, right ??

Maybe just a little hint, cause I’m not a sadist and I know that ALL of you
want to know SOO BADLY what this big secret is (oh and I usually use capitals when being ironic, just sayin’)

It’ll be something food related!! Yes that’s the hint.

Guess I’m a sadist after all.
Y’all just have to be patient and wait for it …
I need to create some subconsciously drum rolls, right ?

Okay, that’s enough rambling for a lifetime, uhm blogpost, so let’s just skip to an amazing daily breakfast bowl recipe;





2 minutes

strawberry sauce

In a mortar, puree strawberries with agave and vanilla; set aside.

5 minutes

stovetop granola

heat skillet on medium-low heat and add coconut oil;
one melted, add oats & mixed chopped nuts;
add agave syrup and mix well, you can add a pinch of salt now (optional)
Keep whisking on medium low heat till everything's slightly browned and your house smells amazing;

Take off heat.

2-5 minutes

Finish & serve

Fill a one-size bowl with your fave yoghurt, and swirl through the strawberry sauce;
Add some strawberries (if frozen, thawed), pomegranate seeds, blackberries (if frozen, thawed // or other seasonal fruit);
Make little roses out of finely sliced apple slices (this is totally nerdy and optional, but if you want to learn, just watch this YouTube video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGmnaJZhScY - do exactly the same, but without the puff pastry obviously)
When ready to serve, top with the stovetop granola; Get comfy (:


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