Healthy 30-Minute Vegan Lasagna Soup

Vegan Lasagna Soup

Hi friends! This is an awesome recipe from one of my favorite websites – Hummusapien, by Alexis Joseph. I’m moving back to cooking without sugar, oil, and salt so some modifications I make include omitting the salt and the olive oil and sautéing the veggies in low sodium veggie broth and using oil free marinara. As long as you use quality herbs and vegetables, you…

A-HA Moments

Processed Foods, Mental Mayhem, And The Lure Of The Dietary Pleasure Trap-A Series

Welcome to the series of posts that I’ll be presenting on the various aspects of my mood-to-processed foods connection! the following quote says it all….. We are digging our graves with our teeth. Thomas Edison Processed foods have an allure that is very similar to that of drugs. Ranging from minimally processed foods such as oils, to ultra processed foods such as potato chips, they…

Tasty Healthy Treats

Yummy Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad

This chickpea salad sandwich is a lunchtime (or dinnertime) superhero! While it is important to reduce one’s consumption of commercially processed foods, you can still process things in your kitchen and make them healthy and full of flavor. I learned early on in my vegan journey that with the right set of tools, I could create meals that were delicious and also felt good to…