Healthy 30-Minute Vegan Lasagna Soup

Healthy 30-Minute Vegan Lasagna Soup
Vegan Lasagna Soup

Hi friends! This is an awesome recipe from one of my favorite websites – Hummusapien, by Alexis Joseph.

I’m moving back to cooking without sugar, oil, and salt so some modifications I make include omitting the salt and the olive oil and sautéing the veggies in low sodium veggie broth and using oil free marinara. As long as you use quality herbs and vegetables, you don’t sacrifice any flavor with the omissions.

I also prepare this in the Instapot. It’s super easy and it’s really flavorful. As Alexis points out in her post, it is also great without the noodles if you want a lower-carb version.



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  1. Dorothy says:

    Love your insights and recipe❤️ thanks, Tony👏

    1. Hi Dorothy! Thanks so much!!!!!

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